Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the journal is to publish the results of theoretical, empirical and applied research in the field of economics, and to disseminate modern economic knowledge.

The journal is aimed at promoting scientific communication, providing a venue for sharing scientific knowledge in economics, joining efforts of Russian and foreign scholars and practitioners to improve the quality of economic research and education, organizing discussions on the most pressing problems faced by the Russian and world economies, giving early career researchers opportunities for publishing their findings, informing the scientific community about the results of the most important research projects and events in the field of economics.


The journal publishes articles on a wide range of topics related to economic research, including economic theory, economic history and history of economic thought, world economy, institutional economics, economic policy, branch economics, finance and monetary policy, social sphere, social and labor relations and regional development.

The journal also provides information about the results of research carried out at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as about the development of the Institute's scientific schools. Main sections of the journal ("Economic theory", "World economy", "Economics and management", "Finance") correlate with scientific specialties for defending doctoral and Ph.D. theses in Economics. Articles on the most acute problems of the Russian and world economies are placed under the heading "Topical issues". There are also sections for publishing the results of round tables, conferences and symposia organized by the Russian scientific community ("Scientific life"), and reviews of new books and textbooks on economic sciences ("New book releases"). A special section is reserved for articles by early career scientists.

Review process

All articles that are submitted and have passed the initial examination (evaluation by editors of the subject, content and format of the text) are subject to review (see Review guidelines). The reviewing procedure is anonymous (double-blind review). Based on its results, the editorial board decides on whether to publish an article. In case authors disagree with the decisions made at any stage of the review process, editors do not engage in controversy.

Publication ethics

As for publication ethics, the journal's policy is based on Russian and international standards. It agrees with the principles of scientific publication ethics approved by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The editorial board has the right to refuse to publish an article in case it violates the established rules of publication ethics (see Ethics of scientific publications).

Disclosure policy and conflicts of interest

Unpublished data obtained from a manuscript submitted for review may not be used in other studies without the written consent of the author / all authors of the manuscript.

Information obtained in the course of review that is associated with possible benefits should not be disseminated and may not be used for personal gain.

A reviewer may not participate in evaluating an article if there are conflicts of interest due to competitive, collaborative or other relationships with the author (any of the authors), companies or other organizations connected with the submitted article.


All articles are checked with a plagiarism detection system (https://www.antiplagiat.ru/). The decision on whether an article is admitted for reviewing is made by the editorial board based on reports generated by this system, in accordance with the journal's plagiarism policy (see Plagiarism policy).



Retraction (removing an article from the journal after publication) is a mechanism for correcting the scientific information and alerting readers to publications that contain such serious flaws or erroneous data that their findings and conclusions cannot be relied upon, as well as to cases of redundant publications, plagiarism and failing to disclose a major competing interest that would have unduly affected interpretations of the work or recommendations by editors on its use. Retraction is carried out by the editorial board in accordance with the established rules (see Retraction guidelines).

Information about retracted publications

"Banking System and Real Sector of the Russian Economy: Prospects for Joint Development", by A. Arkhipov and A. Kazannikov.

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